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Sacred Spaces

The Sacred Spaces collective are ceramic pieces exploring abjection in relation to the female body in alignment with discrete presentation that promotes the uncanny as an existential outcome.

Slip dipping is a transformative process; pants are cleansed by firing and replaced by something other, yet latent form remains: rituals of abjection can never fully purge our inner conflicts.

Parian slip was chosen because of its traditional use in doll making; the manufacture of artificial flesh and limbs that resonates with exploration of women’s bodies as objects to be designed, dressed, played with and preserved.

Bone china slip was selected for purity of whiteness relating to cleansing rituals and for its historical associations with premium quality objects which contrasts against the inclusion of common bone ash in its composition: germane to the physical and augmenting regard for the ordinary.

Materials and processes combined to transform intimate hidden objects into ones of public display; the unspoken evoking discourse. The absence of the body invites viewers to question notions of identity and explore personal narratives.

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Kim Cruickshank 5 Crown (2017) parian slip; underwear 2.jpg
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Kim Cruickshank 3 Crown (2017) bone china slip; underwear.jpg